Music from KAYLA TAYLOR JAZZ: available at:, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and you can even find a KAYLA TAYLOR JAZZ channel on Pandora!  WOOHOO!

Music from RETROGRADE: available on iTunes and for listen on Spotify.  There are two tunes available you can search for:  Lord of All My Secrets & Falling - Artist is listed as "Retrograde 1", and you can either search of each of the songs OR search by RETROGRADE 1.  If you just search for Retrograde you'll get a different band. Same goes for iTunes - search with those terms.  More music is headed your way from RETROGRADE with a full release of their version of the covers you love and a full release of original material.

Music from THE ADVENTURES of KAYLA & STEVE:  Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away vocalist, Kayla Taylor, and guitarist, Steve Moore, were masquerading as a songwriting team.  The Adventures of Kayla & Steve is the culmination of experiences from several original rock projects but they wanted to present the music in an eclectic, acoustic sort of way.  You will love this record and you should own this record (err, I mean CD).  You can find it here:


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