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We have several options for you!  Kayla Taylor Jazz, Retrograde & Madame Kayla Taylor & Musette Nouveau

KAYLA TAYLOR JAZZ:   We perform at Clubs & Restaurants, Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Events, basically soirees of any kind. We can be a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet & even a 10 piece if that's what you desire. We'll bring the charm, elegance and fun to your next event, party or gathering by performing jazz, standards and blues from the 30s, 40s & 50s. We're entertainers, musicians and all around great cats that love creating a great vibe for you and your guest!

To book Kayla Taylor Jazz you can email Kayla at kaylataylorjazz@gmail.com and put KAYLA TAYLOR JAZZ in the subject line or call Kayla at 678.517.2482.

RETROGRADE:    Performing at venues all over Atlanta as an acoustic duo, trio or full band.  Retrograde plays the folk rock hits from the 60s and 70s and tosses in a few covers from the 80s for good measure.  Laid back, groovy, cool, hip.  Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Events, Clubs, Restaurants, Deck Parties (that's a party on your deck where we come and play), living room concerts, home concerts (typically you are there but if need be we can just take over and play without you).  

To book Retrograde you can email Kayla at kaylataylorjazz@gmail.com  and put RETROGRADE in the subject line or call Kayla at 678.517.2482

MADAME KAYLA TAYLOR & MUSETTE NOUVEAU:    Oui! Oui!  Madame Taylor can sing in French and she'll bring some of the best french jazz themed players with her.  Typically including guitar, accordion, violin, upright bass & drums - Musette Nouveau will make you smile - there's an accordion in the band - how could you NOT smile with an accordion in the band.  Weddings, Corporate Events, restaurants, clubs, soirees of any sort in any location where you desire Madame Taylor to be.  Merci beaucoup!

To book Madame Taylor & Musette Nouveau email Kayla at kaylataylorjazz@gmail.com and put MAKE MINE FRENCH in the subject line or call Madame at 678.517.2482


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